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RSD’s future shines bright

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

When diversifying into a new direction, it involves a mind-shift and definitely some creative thinking!

Over the past couple of months innovative and creative thinking was he force behind the continuing growth and success of the RSD brand.

Founder of RSD, Phillip & Kelly-Anne van Coller’s vision opened new doors by recognizing the potential in sport development in a much wider spectrum, and steered into a totally new direction.

By now your curiosity surely must be aroused –

A partnership was recently formed with the Minnie Dlamini Sport Goes Rural Foundation. RSD, NSD(Netball) and SSD(Soccer) joined forces and committed to a sport development program, focused on children in the rural areas of South Africa.

“If you can imagine the possible when other sees the impossible, takes some doing”. Well done to RSD!

To stay informed keep watching this space!

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