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RSD Disclaimers

Popi Act

Rugby Skills Development (“RSD”) is committed to the protection of

your personal information and the promotion and compliance with POPIA.

Accordingly, and in accordance with POPIA, administrators will be required to

obtain your consent for being part of the RSD Rugby App. As such, you are

hereby notified of the following:

1. Your membership of this RSD Rugby App is voluntary, and related to

your desire to remain aware of issues and or events in the RSD Rugby App that may

affect you, and the occasional need to communicate issues to the Administrators

of this RSD Rugby App;

2. Everything we know about you is related to your membership of this

RSD Rugby App, and what you disclose on your own profile and in messages on

this RSD Rugby App;

3. The Administrators of this RSD Rugby App keep no additional

information about you, stored on any other location or medium (save for

personal information provided directly by you to RSD Rugby;

4. What is known about you will be used only for the purposes intended;

5. Administrators view memberships of this RSD Rugby App as

anonymous, until specifically identified according to incidental need;

6. Each member of this RSD Rugby App is equally bound by POPIA, in

terms of protection of personal information of other persons. Abuse of

membership, in terms of placing unwarranted advertisements, sharing

membership data without consent, and generally disclosing personal details

shared here (“data breach”) will be met with immediate removal. Furthermore,

any data breach must be notified to RSD Rugby immediately and will be reported to

the regulator. The Administrators of this RSD Rugby App reserve the right to legal

sanction or facilitation of such;

7. While Administrators of this RSD Rugby App may already be bound to

certain requirements in terms of one or more Acts applicable to social media in

South Africa, this RSD Rugby App is voluntary but we highly recommend that you

Install the app in order to pay your accounts online and stay up to date on the latest

news and events.

8. Visible transgressions and complaints are managed as they are

discovered and are dealt with offline in accordance with the RSD Rules, Policies

and applicable law.

9. Your continued membership of this RSD Rugby App indicates

acceptance of the above conditions, and you hereby irrevocably indemnify RSD

(including its directors, employees and or agents) and the Administrators of this

RSD Rugby App against any claim, loss or damage caused directly or indirectly

as a result of your membership to this RSD Rugby App.

10. Please note that there is no need to respond to this notification, by downloading

this RSD Rugby App indicates you fully understand and accept the

above-mentioned conditions. Should you disagree with the above conditions,

please UNINSTALL the RSD Rugby App. Should you have any

questions in respect hereof please let us know.

Social Media

Please take note that all RSD photo’s and video’s of RSD lessons and RSD

events etc. may be posted on RSD social media platforms and can be used on

other marketing material for advertising and business purposes. In the event

that permission is not granted, please send us an email.


By downloading the RSD Rugby App and enrolling your child/ren to the RSD Rugby program, you indemnify that you fully understand the nature of the sport that you wish your child to participate in. And recognise that participation in such sport involves the risk of injury. Some of the risks are predictable in nature, but unanticipated consequences are also possible. Knowing all of this, you wish for your child to participate in the RSD Rugby program and accept the risks and assume the responsibility for his/her participation.

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